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Large area and sports field lighting

Installations & maintenance of large area & sports field lighting

Maritz Electrical.

Who we are:

Our fields of expertise includes:

  • Electrical Panel Design and installation
  • Medium voltage maintenance and related switching
  • Pump and Motor Controls
  • Power System maintenance and installations
  • Compliance and Hazardous area Certified
  • Installation of Ultrasonic Level Controllers
  • Installation of variable speed drives and soft starters
  • Security, area and sports field flood lighting including high masts and street lights.
  • Trenching and Cable Laying,
  • Cable trays and ladder systems
  • Floodlights

Our skills extend to:

  • Project managing
  • Consulting
  • Problem Solving
  • Devising Turnkey Solutions


Maritz Electrical is an empowerment company established by Kurt Maritz in January 2000. Maritz Electrical is BBBEE compliant (Level 1 contributor). We are ISO 9001 certified and we are fully compliant with the Occupational Health and Safety Act with a full-time, trained safety representative.

Delivering service excellence and exceptional quality are key differentiators for Maritz Electrical and what clients have come to expect from this service supplier.

We employ full-time, licensed installation and master electricians. All our artisans have completed the ORHVS.

From commercial electrical applications through to high end, floodlights and sports stadiums and spotlights using state-of-the-art products, Maritz Electrical has delivered end-to-end electrical solutions tailored for clients’ needs.

Maritz Electrical is a member of:

Illumination Engineering Society of South Africa (IESSA-MAR004)

South African Institute for Lighting (SAIL)

Master Builders’ Association (MBA)

Flame Proofing Association of South Africa

  • We are committed to 100% of our projects 100%
  • 100% of our projects get the attention of senior management 100%
  • All our projects are undertaken with compliancy top of mind 100%






What we do.

Maritz Electrical is a full-service commercial electrical contractor. Our service offering extends across all requirements expected from a compliant contractor.

We understand the needs of our clients and complete projects on time, and within budget, delivering on client expectations, every time.


Pump and Motor Controls



Variable Speed Drives (VSDs) & Soft Start Units



Electrical Panels



Trenching & Cable Laying



Large Area and Sports Field Lighting






Power System Installations



Compliance & Hazardous Area Certificates



Ultrasonic Level Controllers



Hazardous Electrical Services



Project Management



Here are some photos of our projects. Click the link below to view our portfolio.

Media, Blog and News

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Finding us is easy:

Please feel free to contact us any time:

|  T: 021 703 0867  |  F: 0864 552 436 |  C: 071 364 7354  |
E: info@maritzelectrical.co.za

Cape Town Address: 11 Noll Road, Athlone

Welcome to the world of Maritz Electrical!

Maritz Electrical provides electrical and large area and sports field lighting solutions. Check out our projects, have a look at our list of services and see what we can offer you, browse through our blog for media articles and interesting stuff and check out what social responsibility initiatives we support.



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