Manenberg in lights for the right reasons!

A settlement in Cape Town, renowned for the wrong reasons, has a good story to tell. Created by a government to channel a race group in the Cape Flats in 1966 as part of a forced removal programme, Manenberg consists of rows of semi-detached houses and project-like apartments.

Properties in this region of Cape Town have never been considered valuable until recently. Property prices, worldwide, are influenced by a number of factors. Location, of course, but facilities and convenience, are key factors in determining value and demand in suburbs and for properties.

Large area and sports lighting specialist, Maritz Electrical, was recently commissioned to install and revamp lighting at the Manenberg Sports Complex in the suburb’s main road. “Not only is this sports ground a facility for the community,” says Kurt Maritz, “It is a significant contributor to the upward trend in property values in its vicinity.”

The role of various facilities provided for communities can never be underestimated. Providing sports facilities goes a long way to uplift communities, which is far more valuable than upward trends in property values.

According to Maritz, the lighting of the Manenberg Sports fields has been one of the key complexes for a lighting upgrade by local government. Manenberg, also, is an area that has received significant focus for upliftment initiatives.

The new lighting at the sports ground is a combination of using current lighting and new installations of a Musco lighting system. Maritz Electrical is the sole distributor of Musco Lighting in the Western Cape. These lighting solutions not only provide significant, high density lighting used in all major sports stadiums across the world, they offer exceptional value for money while reducing the energy requirements during operating times.

Manenberg now boasts advanced technology sports lighting of a quality high enough to film in HD quality, something generally only used in top stadiums across the world. Maritz says that the impact lighting has on the community should never be underestimated. The positive sentiment that is derived from such an installation is something that cannot be ignored, on top of the vast improvement to the quality of life for the residents.

Maritz concludes by saying that business and local government have a collective role to play in uplifting communities like Manenberg. By doing so, the lives of individuals or touched positively and the mood of the community lifts, followed by property values and the economic empowerment of individuals, which will bode well for the future of our country.

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