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False Bay Rugby Club

False Bay Rugby Club, Constantia Maritz Electrical installed new, advanced lighting system at the False Bay Rugby Club in Constantia. The system is a Musco system and has provided the club with a technologically advanced system for night rugby.

Downberg Soccer Field

Downberg Soccer Field Downberg Soccer Field Downberg Soccer Field received a new lighting system as part of the City of Cape Town's upliftment programme. A Musco Lighting System was installed to offer international standard lighting and the benefits of a 10-year...


An electrical empowerment Company based in the Wynberg, Cape Town, seeks to employ the following full-time position: Accountant The overall responsibility is to oversee and manage the finances and financial reporting of the Company. The successful candidate will be...

Ocean View

Installation of 2 sets of 16 Musco lights at a rating of 1,5kw each providing a lux level of 150 at 134 000 lumen on both soccer pitches . There is no start up current on this installation so a full load of just 102 amps for the entire installation is all you need.

Van der Stel Rugby Club electrifying with assistance from Maritz Electrical

Rugby’s celebrated history has produced legends of the game, and continues to do so into the modern era of sport. From those humble days in 1823, during a soccer game when a learner, William Webb Ellis, caught and ran with a ball, to todays competitive Super Rugby, 6-Nations, Rugby Championship and World Cup tournaments, this sport has gripped the world from the west coast of the USA to the east coast of Japan, from the tips of Northern Ireland to the bottom of Argentina.

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